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2011 A109E EMS/PASSENGER 3000Kg Power

2011 A109E 3,000Kg Power EMS/Passenger For Sale



  • Only 2,355 hrs TT
  • All Inspections up to date
  • Single / Dual Pilot IFR
  • VIP 6 Pax Seats plus EMS Dual and Single Litter Interior
  • Air Conditioning ECU (Environment Control Unit)
  • Baggage Compartment Extension (1.9 m)
  • Great Maintenance and Operational History to EASA Standards
  • Additional Items Include: External Loudspeaker & Provisions for Emergency Floats, External Rescue Hoist Night Sun Search Light, & More…


Option a: EMS Single/Dual Litter – Fixed Parts:

➢ Headliner with and EMS Provisions
➢ Side liners LH/RH with EMS Provisions
➢ Aft EMS Liner with Rails
➢ Bench Panel with Rear EMS Provisions
➢ Provision for Litter Platform
➢ Cargo Net Provisions
➢ Floor Equipped with Rails, EMS Provisions & Drains
➢ EMS Electrical System
➢ Electrical Outlets (12 & 28 VDC)
➢ 3rd ICS Station in Pax Cabin
➢ Medical Oxygen System Provisions (2 X 5 Litre Bottles)
➢ Medical Oxygen Distribution System (on LH & RH Side
➢ Sliders on Pilots/Co-pilot & Cabin Windows


Option b: EMS Single Litter – Removable Parts:

➢ Doctor Sliding / Rotating Seat
➢ Primary Litter Platform with Front Lock Mechanism
➢ Primary Litter (Qty 1)
➢ Two Foldable Aft/Fwd Facing Seats with Headrests
➢ Safety Belts with Shoulder Harness
➢ Cabin Storage Compartment
➢ 2 Oxygen Bottles (5 Litres each) Provisions in Cabin
Storage Compartment
➢ Special Rubber Floor Carpet
➢ Interior Cargo Net



External Loudspeaker Installation
➢ Night Sun Search Light SX 16 Provision
➢ Emergency Floats Provision
➢ External Rescue Hoist (272kg/600 lbs) Provision
➢ Snow Skid/Slump Protection Pads Provision
➢ Dual Cargo Hook (1000 Kg/500 Kg) Provision
➢ Weather Radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King Provision
➢ Pulsed Chip Detector
➢ VHF AM/FM NPX-138 NAT installation
➢ Fwd/Aft Facing Left Passenger Seat Cushions
➢ 450 W Retractable Landing Light
➢ Airframe Hour Meter
➢ Baggage Compartment Extension (1.9m)
➢ Dual Controls
➢ Engine Compartment Fire Extinguishers (2)

➢ Rotor Brake
➢ VLE & VLO Extension up to 140 KIAS
➢ Windshield Wipers (Pilot & Co-Pilot) with Wiper Switch on Cyclic
➢ Air Intake / Exhaust Covers
➢ Ground Tools Kit (Including Tow Bar & Lifting Tool
➢ Pitot Tube Covers
➢ Tie-down Fittings Provisions
➢ Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) & Technical Publications



Single Pilot IFR (EASA/FAA) Avionic Package (Bendix/King)

➢ AC Power Supply System (2 inverters)
➢ Moving Map KMD-550 Bendix/King
➢ ADF KR-87 Bendix/King
➢ AFCS 3-Axis Duplex SP-711 Honeywell
➢ DME KDM-706A Bendix/King
➢ Gyro Compass C14A Honeywell
➢ Marker Beacon KMR-675 Bendix/King
➢ EADI & EHSI, standby ADI)
➢ Transponder (mode S) KT-70 Bendix/King
➢ Vertical Gyro (no. 1) 46060-11 Flightline system
➢ Vertical Gyro (no. 2) VG-208 JET Electronics
➢ VHF-COM/NAV KX-165 Bendix/King (2)
➢ Co-pilot Flight/Navigation Instruments (including LCD EADI and EHSI,
Barometric Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, VSI)
➢ EFIS Pilot and Co-pilot On Command Switch
➢ ELT C406-2 HM Artex
➢ Flight Director FZ-702 Honeywell with Autotrim
➢ GPS 2101 I/O Trimble Interfaced with EFIS and B-RNAV Function
➢ Radio Altimeter AA-300 Honeywell

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Company Background

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